Gabrielle Brick
Gabrielle Brick
Holistic Nutrition Specialist & Success Coach. Bring Back Your Mojo & Reignite Your Magic. "There are no rules, only choices." ™

E-Sensually You VIP

Dance within a world of sensuality, femininity, and personal power.

Let go of everything you thought you knew and join me on the most rebellious adventure of a lifetime! 

“There are no rules, only choices.” - GB

True health and longevity begins at the root of your relationship with Self.
— Gabrielle Brick

E-Sensually You VIP

In this High-Touch, VIP Program, we help you lift off from the well built foundation we created in the E-Sensually You Intro program. What we do now, is take your physical and emotional health to an entirely new level.

This is a deep dive into the self through a tailored, holistic nutrition program, based upon your bio-individual needs, advanced exercises in mind-set and radical self-love, that are guaranteed to get you out of the ruts that are keeping you stuck and offer you an opportunity to achieve life long transformation.

I invite and encourage you to get to know yourself on a whole new level.

It's time to put yourself first.

It’s time to choose to live, FULLY.

How else can we show up for anybody else if we are unable to truly show up for ourselves?

Re-ignite Passion In Every Area of Your Life

go beyond hormone balance

live the superhero life

Know yourself like never before

What’s Included In This Program?

  • Personal Nutrition Assessment

  • One on One Strategy Sessions

  • Live Weekly Coaching Calls and Q & A’s

  • Private ‘Online Client Portal’

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Mastery in Superfood & Plant Based Nutrition

  • Nutrition Protocols

  • Supplement Protocols

  • Get Your Glow Skin-Care System

  • Complete Lifestyle & Home Enhancement

  • Travel Hacks To Keep Your Mojo On The Go

  • Advanced Techniques in Mindset & Self-Love Exercises

  • Level 2 - The Sacred Feminine

  • Level 2 - Yoni & Womb Mojo

  • Discover How To Evoke The Hero In Every Man

  • Fantasy Play To Heal & Ignite Romance

  • And So Much More

For a complete understanding of Gabrielle’s program and to apply now, use the calendar to book a complimentary ‘Mojo Session’

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High-Touch Coaching

cultivating a relationship between mentor & mentee to ensure success in reaching your goals. 

Having Gabrielle as my coach- took my game to the next level. With her information, guidance, and love - I pulled myself out of the depths of adrenal fatigue, completely changed my relationship with food, got my cycle back after three years of not having it. Being a coach myself, I was able to learn from her throughout my journey and have implemented many new things into my client’s lives.
— Sarah Wragge
In just three short months, Gabrielle managed to correct several physical imbalances that I’d suffered with for DECADES. She helped me to attain a new and cherished awareness and vitality that had eluded me previously. Ultimately though, she has given me the base knowledge and skills to continue on this lifelong journey.
As she instructs, ‘there are no rules, only choices.’
— Kim Wendt

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