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Gabrielle took my elixir making to a whole new level
— Carrie Anne Moss, www.annapurnaliving.com
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I first met Gabrielle Brick at a well-attended Health Event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania back around 2003. We connected instantly and have collaborated on events and projects ever since and have remained great friends to this day. Gabrielle is a woman on a mission! Her online programs, health coaching, breadth of knowledge, overall spiritual message, timeless beauty, and inner strength as a single mom of twins are an inspiration!
— David Avocado Wolfe, author of Longevity Now, Superfoods, Eating for Beauty, www.davidwolfe.com

I enrolled in Gabrielle‘s Kitchen & Nutrition Hack 101 course looking for some inspiration in recipes. I️ followed my YES and purchased without hesitation. I️ highly recommend you do the same. I received great recipes and nutritional information; it was the reawakening of passions inside of me that lit me up the most (and this was just in Module One!). Gabrielle’s guidance is not only intuitive but deeply grounded in great wisdom. Thank you, for talking the talk AND walking the walk.
— Samantha Fox Olson, www.kauaiyogaandfitness.com
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I met Gabrielle at the Sovereign Rising Retreat and was so honored to be blessed with her delicious food. She indeed has a passion for nourishment. I was super excited to join her KItchen & Nutrition Hack 101 course. I LOVED it. It was so empowering, enlightening and a what a wonderful community! Thank you for the work you do and the passion you exude. I’m so excited also to be part of your community!
— Tammy Kattner, www.LoveMyselfOrganics.com

Sarah Wilson

"Gabrielle has been an amazing wealth of knowledge and support in helping me to overcome my digestive issues.  I have had chronic problems for the past 30 years with my digestion.  After working with her for 2.5 months, I am now off of all medications,  and I am simply eating healthy foods with only a few supplements.  She has been there at every turn and made this process easy.  She brings her support in a holistic manner, allowing me to see my own inner issues and address them.  She has also given me the tools to continue working on my health on my own.  I highly recommend working with Gabrielle, and empowering yourself to take control and address any health or nutritional problems you may be facing.  With sincere thanks and huge gratitude!"

Dr. Anna Michelle

“It was wonderfully affirming and a soothing balm to my soul. Thank you for everything and most of all for being who you are.”

G. Cohen

“It was a pleasure working with Gabrielle. She delivered exactly what she promised and I now have an incredible product to bring to the marketplace that I would not have had without her expertise.” 

Jonathan Carl  

"You continue to inspire me to love big and be my dreams. Thank you for THAT glow! xo"

Kim Macfarlane, Physical Therapist

“I recently had the pleasure of participating in Gabrielle Brick's 6 week on line program, The Prosperity of Wellbeing. This course was jam packed with beautifully created life transforming information. Gabrielle effectively tapped into each and every facet of life and gave great suggestions on how to implement realistic changes to shift to a more fulfilling life. This course embodies Gabrielle's15+ years of knowledge and experience. This course also allowed me to advance at my own pace, which worked for me and my crazy and hectic lifestyle. Gabrielle helps us become the best version of ourselves!!” 

Kristen Kaloper, Certified Yoga Instructor, Vegan & Raw Chef

“In Gabrielle's course The Prosperity of Wellbeing, she spoke to things that made me remember my infinite pure potential for joy and self-love. Gabrielle brings her entire being; life experience, researched information, expertise, passion, charm, and connection to this program, which inspired me to do the same. Key concepts like nutrition, sexuality and money, she discusses with passion and conviction and shined a light on the subconscious patterns and stories that block me from fully showing up and embracing life. Gabrielle earnestly spoke to the intrinsic wisdom of my souls deepest desires.  I didn't just hear the truth in her words I FELT the truth in her words.. I felt the cells in my body excitedly wake up and resonate to her high vibrational message. She dared me to explore fantasy, to dream and create. There is so much invaluable information in this program, I continually listen to the recordings while I drive, to ground me, to inspire me, to trigger me, to motivate me... the time is NOW, the choice is MINE. She asks, "are you ready to live the life of your dreams?" If the answer is YES this program will help set the trajectory of your life in that deeply fulfilling direction.”

Sara B.

 "Who knew how much creative insights, love and power that we have? Gabrielle has been a wonderful mentor, teacher, and friend throughout my time with her.  She has helped me develop my own inner goddess and rekindle my desire for life's mysteries.  I have a deeper understanding about foods that will nourish my body while also supporting my lifestyle and tons of yummy recipes to choose from.  My own spiritual self has awakened and embraced life to its fullest.  I feel more grounded and centered as a person.  What is more, my love for all beings and life itself has intensified to a level I never knew existed. Working with Gabrielle was an incredible experience; she helped me with my "ebbs and flows", and taught me the most important lesson of all: the rediscovery of self-love.  I will always be grateful to Gabrielle for her patience, kindness, and wisdom that can take us to a path of our fullest potential."  

Diane Burns, Certified Message Therapist

"I put my request out to the universe and found Gabrielle!  I am deeply and profoundly grateful to Gabrielle for lovingly and patiently guiding my daughter back to health!  Her one-on-one personalized holistic coaching sessions, menu plans, recipes and daily email support gave my daughter the strength and guidance necessary to regain a healthy weight and lifestyle.  Gabrielle was also a LIFELINE to me as a parent in understanding the emotional and physical aspects of eating disordersin order to fully support my daughter during this struggle.  Gabrielle’s nutritional knowledge, wisdom and insight were the guiding light that led our family through this difficult time, and I enthusiastically recommend her for a transformative experience!” 

Kim Wendt, Certified Health Coach

"Gabrielle is intelligent, knowledgable, caring, warm, spontaneous, funny, honest, direct, and just ridiculously awesome! My time spent with her during the Lifestyle Enhancement Program was valuable beyond belief. I came to her a broken, unhealthy, and unhappy person and parted ways with her a joyous, buoyant, shiny new life-loving individual. She taught me so much about nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and ultimately myself! I learned to care for my needs physically, emotionally, and spiritually to become a much more gloriously well-rounded being.

Whereas before I had no appetite nor interest in food, I now look forward to my meals and enjoy them with gratitude because Gabrielle helped me to discover which foods I thrive on. She worked with MY individual concerns and my body's needs to devise menu plans that not only sustain me but give me more energy than I've had in years! In just three short months, Gabrielle managed to correct several physical imbalances that I'd suffered with for DECADES. She helped me to attain a new and cherished awareness and vitality that had eluded me previously. Ultimately though, she has given me the base knowledge and skills to continue on this lifelong journey. As she instructs, 'there are no rules, only choices.'

If I HAD to choose just one word to describe Gabrielle, I would choose transformational...or empowering." 

Terri Klausner, MS, FNP-BC, Board Certified Nurse Practitioner

"Gabrielle has been such an influence on my life and my continued health that it STILL amazes me!  Gabrielle has transitioned me so well into continuing a healthy lifestyle and maintaining my weight loss for over a year and a half already!  I would never have thought that I, Ms. Meat Eater and Sugar-holic, would ever be following such an incredibly, healthy, holistic life- style through nutrition!  It is truly amazing!  She has been a life saver, literally! Gabrielle introduced me to healthy choices that taste FABULOUS!  I just love what I eat now and cannot fathom at times that this incredible food that tastes so amazing is actually GOOD for me and Guilt-free!!! I feel great,  no more sugar highs or lows, no more acid indigestion, no more joint pain, no more chronic sinus headaches, my head is clear and I have a ton of energy!  Even my menopausal hot flashes have even gone away! Thank goodness to maca!

I still have so much to learn, and continue to learn through the knowledge that Gabrielle holds, and the growth that I have experienced through this entire process.  This has truly been an amazing and heartfelt journey that I am so grateful to have been able to experience.  This is not a diet - something I needed to realize - no diet is ever successful.  This has revolutionized me and has actually brought me onto the path of a lifestyle change to optimal health.

Thank you dear Gabrielle for helping me through this insightful process, for always showing me love and for never being judgmental - your grace of heart speaks volumes.  You allowed ME to find my own way, on my terms and in my own time - you have no idea what kind of power that lends.  I needed my own playing field and you were insightful enough to see that, and you came onto my playing field, giving me the strength to do what I needed to do, giving me the tools that I needed to use.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart." 

Morganne Frazier, Certified Pilates Instructor

Self Love. It’s something the majority of mankind lacks. Where does this love stem from? Deep down in the core of our very being is this fire. You have ignited mine. Suffering from all that has gone awry in my life, there has been a sufficient amount of blame and fault placed neatly atop myself. You have uncovered me from underneath my blanket of hate. Through the use of your wisdom and generosity, I have gained nothing but strength. We are beautiful magical beings. We just need to learn to harness love. Through superfood nutrition and emotional awareness, that is what you have guided me to do! I am empowered. I am available to love others more whether it be at work or at play, through loving myself. I cannot thank you enough Gabrielle. You have truly transformed my life. 

Kristen Walsh, PhD

"After many years of searching for some greater truth I met Gabrielle. It was almost as if it was destiny. For a substantial part of my life I struggled with pms, anxiety, sleep issues, and a feeling of powerlessness.  I was the first person to run to the store and buy any books which I thought would cure me of my many issues. And with any luck help me to lose some weight. In fact I was in whole body buying a book about raw foods when divine intervention stepped in and Gabrielle and I crossed paths. At this point in my life I was expecting my fourth child and needing to find even more inner peace. Gabrielle and I spoke briefly and set up a time to meet and discuss the possibilities of adding some raw foods, superfoods, and herbs into my diet in hopes of creating a more balanced lifestyle.

One week passed and I met with Gabrielle. It was fabulous. No other words could describe her except fabulous, well maybe tremendous. Her knowledge, compassion and positive energy have forever changed who I am. She came over for weekly sessions throughout my pregnancy and taught me about raw foods but not in and of themselves but rather raw foods as a vehicle to empowerment, freedom, and self love. It is difficult to describe in words the gifts Gabrielle has given me. She has really nurtured my self esteem and my ability to have faith in my choices and ultimately in myself.  I will be forever grateful to her for helping me to learn about a plant based raw food lifestyle. In addition, I will always be grateful to herfor   illuminating my journey to greater enlightenment with herunbelievable spirit and belief that we all have the ability and power within us to make choices which can ultimately bring us joy."

Andrew Roth  

"I recently spent 3-4 hours each of 5 days with Gabrielle Brick during my "juice feast".  I was never hungry; always totally satisfied with the juices, soups and blended foods prepared for me, and I had no trouble whatsoever in transitioning from solid food to liquid and back to solids again afterwards. Gabrielle was a pleasure to work with and there was lots of insightful conversation during the meal preparation and time we spent togethers.  Most impressive, during the course of the 5 days, there were some profound emotional revelations that arose. I'm grateful to have had this experience with Gabrielle's guidance.  It was fun, rewarding, and I'd happily do it again."