Guilt-free Pleasures... A Private mentorship program


This immersion is truly the beginning of one of the most profound alchemical processes into self. To transcend impossibility, to regain hope, clarity, compassion and understanding. To gain knowledge and be nourished like never before.

This is your time.  

Whether you choose to spend one month or three months working with me, this process is deep and it will help build a sustainable foundation of incredible health and wellbeing.

You will know yourself more deeply, heal, rebuild, and revolutionize your life. This is an evolutionary process into self and it requires commitment and dedication, as it will most assuredly challenge your beliefs and perspective on life. This program does however, contain a seed of possibility with which to make manifest, your deepest desires.

What you get:

  • Foods that Activate: Menu Plans & Recipes
  • Private Weekly Coaching via Skype or Phone
  • Downloadable Recordings of Each Session
  • Daily Email Journal
  • Practical Tools That Re-program Mental Patterns and Support Healthy Habits
  • Weekly Workbooks, Assignments, and Exercises That Support Your Transformation and Evolution
  • Accountability
  • Love, Support, Compassion, and Active Listening
  • Uplifting Encouragement to Keep You Moving Towards Your Goals

I am here as your guide, coach, mentor, and muse. This is about YOU. Life is a sole journey... about the soul. This immersion is the perfect place to discover what’s next for you and to give you the fundamentals in building a foundation that will sustain longevity, along with new tools for your personal mastery tool box.

I know all to well how scary change can be... when we are on the precipice of true change, all of our fears and subversive hand patterns will rise to try and keep you down. I have died a thousands deaths in this life, which is why I understand the fear and hesitancy you may be feeling now. I promise that if you follow your heart and give love a fighting chance,no matter how painful the death, the re-birth will be that much more magnificent. There are no rules, only choices. Take a chance on the one person who matters most, YOU. ~ XO Gabrielle

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30 Day Tune-Up

full investment $1500

(one time payment upfront) 

Payment options available upon request and must be approved and made within 4 weeks.

Upon booking your immersion you will receive an email detailing next steps. 

90 day Tune-Up

full investment $5400

One-time payment.


three installments of $1500

Upon booking your immersion you will receive an email detailing next steps. 


No refunds are given after 48 hours. After the initial 48 hour period I am happy to postpone your program to a later time, or you are welcome to gift it to a friend. No exceptions. Thank you for understanding!